Hello Photographer!

HO HO HO, Santa is packing his sleigh as we write, is he bringing you camera gear? Or perhaps a Line+Light voucher?
We have just been reading about Canon’s launch of a 50MB sensor DSLR body in 2015, so that pixel race between manufacturers is far from over. In fact, pixels are the theme of this month’s newsletter, with a look at some clever software and a feature on Lightroom training. Seasons Greetings to all of our photographers, and a very brilliant 2015 ahead!

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Pixel Peeping to get you ahead of the game!

Shopping can be a simple matter of buying what you need, like and trust.  But how do you go about buying a new lens or camera body?  One way is to go into a shop and have a good look at the item concerned, you’re then putting your new purchase into the hands of the advice in the shop on the day.  The other option is to ask someone who already owns one and then it’s down to how well the item suited them as to whether you get a good review or a bad one.  But what if there was a way of seeing the images you could take with the kit your’e looking at buying without the need to buy it first? Well the magic answer is, yes there is!!!!  It’s a simple website that covers almost all the lens and camera manufacturers that you could need.  Pixel Peeper is a great way to see the images that other photographers have already taken using the kit and as we all love looking at great images it can become a great resource as an image bank for ideas and inspiration too.  It is a fairly easy website to use, click a manufacturer and then chose the gear you’re looking for and then the website really starts to excel.  You’ll see a whole host of images with all the relevant camera settings included.  It also gives you similar alternatives to think about, review links as well as more places to look at for buying options too.  It’s the smartest way of looking and trying before you buy.

How to use Adobe Lightroom – 2015 Workshops – Now with two skill levels

Stage 1 – Saturday 31st January 2015 / Stage 2 – Saturday 14th March 2016

Following last month’s launch of Astrophotography (only a couple of places left on the second date now – March 1st), we bring you news of another new course for 2015. To compliment our Stage 1 Lightroom Workshop, we are introducing a second day, which will take you deeper into this brilliant software and image finishing.

More people seem to be using a double combo now of Lightroom together with Elements, and whilst the Elements 13 brings benefits in post production akin to those of the Pro-Photoshop software, the raw processor is quite basic compared to that of Lightroom’s. Our Stage 1 course with Dan continues to look at the set up and import method, cataloguing and basic raw processing, but for those who have good working practices established, the Stage 2 day takes you into further creativity, together with output options for print and web resolution images. The ability to create slide shows and webpages is also covered. As with all software, the more you delve, the more shortcuts for quicker work flow you’ll need. That’s also included in stage 2, work smarter not harder is the mantra.

The mobile device industry is big business for everyone these days and if you’re used to working on this platform, Stage 2 will add a new level to your work flow.  You’ll learn how to link up your catalogue to edit on the go from a tablet or smart phone. This is a massive boost for busy photographers who need to work away from home, but still love to process images in their down time and the best bit is you don’t need to to take your laptop along.

If you’d like to join us, the details are all on the website and each day is £75.

Adobe Lightroom

Course content – in brief

  • Stage 1 – Catalogue structure and import protocols.
  • Raw processing of images and the tools available.
  • Stage 2 – Advanced editing and presets.
  • Website, slideshow and printing settings.
  • Stage 1 & 2 – Keyboard shortcuts and quicker work flow processes.

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