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Well 2015 already seems to be galloping along, we’ve seen a little snow, a lot of sun (for January) and some pretty frosts. All of these things are visually compelling for us photographers so I bet you’ve been clicking away with gusto.

What we are not quite so enthusiastic about is being diligent with our back ups though, as long as our pics are downloaded safely, we tend to think that’s ‘it’. Sadly, it’s not always so simple, I’ve had a hard drive fail in the past, and old DVD’s with my client’s images on don’t open 100% of the time any more. So what’s the best way of protecting those lovely shots for longevity? This month we have a look at the subject of storage and backing up.
Do read on…..

Be Safe and Back up

With the continual advancements in camera file sizes and editing software it’s all too easy to find out we’re running low on disc space.  However, having ‘more’ disc space is only one thing to consider when looking for extra storage.  Having a second backup copy of all those images; and more importantly – family memories, is crucial for peace of mind.  Here is where your approach to storing files can vary based on your own personal choice, but never stray from thinking you can avoid backing up regularly.

Are you happiest with all your images in one location, copied across multiple discs or shared on a cloud based system?

Portable Storage

Storing one copy of your photographs in one place is a bit like putting all your eggs into one basket, fine until the basket gets dropped.  Once something happens to a disc drive, the recovery can be a costly and time consuming process, which is not always guaranteed to achieve success either.

Photography Storage

By copying your images to a second hard drive, you’re building in insurance against losing images further down the line.  This does mean that you’ll need to develop a routine to keep the second copies current and up to date with any changes you’ve made to the original files as and when you work on them.  Weekly, monthly or as often as you create new work is entirely down to how prolific you are with your photography and editing.

Cloud Storage

The cloud storage (remotely via the web) options available these days are great, but only if you’re comfortable storing your images off site on a server somewhere else in the world.  The bonus is that no matter what happens at home, you’ll always have the cloud based storage to fall back on.  There are, however, always costs involved with this solution and limits on your storage allocation, but you can always purchase more space later should you need it.  The added benefit with this style of storage is that it’s accessible anywhere in the world, so as long as you have your laptop and log in details to hand, you’re all set to edit on the go. The downside? Some people feel that it is vulnerable to hackers, corruption and the whims of the cloud provider….

Photography storage

There are multiple disc systems available, specifically designed to make a copy your work across as many drives as you have or prefer to back up to.  They can be configured to do this as you create or save work, alternatively back ups can be made at the end of the day, week, month and even the year.  The systems can create a back up as a straight copy on one or more discs or it can share the data across a few discs.  So with the price of disc drives getting cheaper it makes more sense to start planning something to be safe now rather than sorry later.

The key thing is to regularly keep on updating the backups you have as it’s so much easier to do a little bit often, than a lot infrequently.  By keeping your images safe and backed up you’ll never need to worry about loosing great memories and images through accident, theft or failure of hardware.  It’s also worth baring in mind that backing up your whole computer is just as important as keeping your images nice and safe.  That way, should you have an issue on your computer, you can pick up where you left off before the “crash” without having to start all over again.

Papplewick Pumping Station


Good Friday 3rd April 2015
Papplewick, Nottinghamshire

Papplewick has long been a favourite with Line+Light photographers, but if you first visited with us a few years back, we’ve slightly changed the day in order to be there when the boilers are being warmed up ready for their bank holiday steaming weekends.

What this means in practice is that we have activity in the boiler house, and the possibility for candid portraiture as the engineers prepare the station for steaming. We see fire through the hatches and often, smoke. Atmospheric smoke. Lots of it! Whilst we cannot always promise it, more often then not it occurs, and when it does, we get the most wonderful images.

If you’ve never seen this temple of highly decorated Victorian grandeur before, you’re in for a treat, the building is lavishly decorated and quite simply ours for the day. No public, no crowds. Just us photographers and our kit, the ability to spread our tripods out, play with lighting and create images which ooze atmosphere. Magic!

Visit Line and Light to find out more about this and all other courses available, and book your place today.

Papplewick Pumping Station
Papplewick Pumping Station
Papplewick Pumping Station

Course content – in brief

  • Exclusive interior and exterior access.
  • Opportunities to shoot the boilers being lit and stoked.
  • Classroom start to the day includes inspiration and how to control the scene.
  • Learn how to light grand interiors and apply it through out the day.
  • On hand help, advice and support as you take your own images.

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