Spotlight on Architecture


They’ve been a little late in coming out this year, but we’ve finally got the Modern and Historic Architecture dates booked for 2018, and as we have lots of people wanting to go on holding lists, we thought it best to put out a dedicated newsletter with dates on for you, so you can plan accordingly. Anyone booking before the end of this week bags a £10 discount….

How to shoot Modern Architecture – Friday 27th Aprll 2018

The first of the year’s Modern Architecture days is at The University of Nottingham’s Jubilee Campus.

Martine Hamilton Knight’s specialist architectural courses usually sell out several months in advance, and spring 2018 sees another couple of new buildings to add to 2017’s fresh crop of show stopping structures at this location, so there’s plenty of fresh material to shoot, even if you’ve been to Jubilee Campus with her in the past.

Following the success of basing some courses Jubilee Conference Centre, which Martine first captured in 2004 for the architectural press, we’ve rebooked this as our location for the day, adding to the list of imaging opportunities.

Victorian Splendour – Papplewick Pumping Station – Friday 4th May £99

Papplewick needs no introduction, it remains an enduring favourite with our photographers who return time and time again to capture this 1884 listed masterpiece as it prepares for a steam weekend in May.

Steam prep means that the engines aren’t turning, but the boilers are being brought up to temperature coinciding with our visit. This means the opportunity to record a little bit of action as the engineers go about their work, allowing you a glimpse into a forgotten world of coal, fire and smoke!


How to shoot Historic Buildings – Tuesday 22nd May 2018 – £99 

Our annual day at the Georgian Bromley House Library and Nottingham’s civic centrepiece is always popular, especially as it’s a chance to explore both venues with your tripod and visit spaces that the public are not often privy to.

Based at the 1751 Bromley House, we begin our session in this private members library with its collection of 40,000 books and walled garden. Not only is this building with its spiral staircases and sumptuous rooms a showcase for photography, its history is entwined with historic photography too, it was a the home of one of the world’s first photographic studios founded by Alfred Barber in 1841.

For the afternoon, we move across the square to the neo classical 1929 Council House with its fine domes, ballroom and grand council chamber. You’ll learn how to manually colour balance your pictures in this location, a highly useful skill for any interior photographer.

Historic Architecture – A Country House and Garden  – Holme Pierrepont Hall – Friday 15th June 2018 – £99

Holme Pierrepont Hall is a magnificent Grade 1 Tudor house dating from 1500, which we are able to explore with cameras, lighting and tripods at leisure. We’ve been lucky enough to use this delightful family home for our courses for several years now and have chosen to be there for next year in the full summer when the Courtyard Garden with formal box parterre and deep herbaceous borders is at its peak with floral displays.

Not only do we have the run of the gardens and parkland, but we also shoot in the medieval lodgings, formal reception rooms and private apartments. We have photographers returning here with us on multiple occasions to enjoy immersing themselves in this beautiful historic place to capture a little bit of magic.

Modern Architecture 2 – City Buildings – Friday 7th Sept 2018 – £99

We’re rounding off the summer in the city with our iconic mix of buildings at Nottingham Trent University, where we explore buildings from 1881, 1957 and 2015 which gives us a visual feast of form and colour, plus high density, high rise architecture.

How do we navigate these challenges with a camera? Martine takes you through the ways of creating images when streets are narrow and busy and buildings tall, with a mixture of viewpoint  lens choice and working with non paid models to tell the story of city architecture in use.

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November 2017 Newsletter

Hello Photographer!

Brr, winter seems like it’s here now, as we sit with the heating on in the Line & Light office. It’s been an interesting couple of months, so we thought we’d get you up to date with what’s been going on with the team and our photographers.

Grab a cuppa, sit back and read on…..

 A busy team – a double award shortlist for Martine, Chris goes on tour and Dan builds a 3D 4k capture studio…. 

This last week has been a busy one for Martine, who was with WEX on Saturday 11th November as a guest speaker at their new flagship store in London. She followed the rock photographer Jill Furmanovsky in the line up and rather thought the room would empty after Jill finished, after all, pics of architecture could hardly compete with shots and stories of legends such as Pink Floyd, Dire Straits & Oasis could they? Sure enough, the crowd thinned after Jill came off stage, but ten minutes later when Martine was due on, they were all back! The whole morning was great fun and lots of people came up afterwards to ask about architecture courses for 2018, so we shall hope to meet some of them next spring in Nottingham.

The next few days are just as interesting for Martine, as on Wednesday she’s guest speaker at Ashby Photographic Society, on Thursday she’s attending an awards dinner where she’s been shortlisted for a ‘Women in Construction’ award  and on Friday 17th, her shot of Derby’s Velodrome (see below) is judged in Berlin at the World Architecture Festival where it’s been shortlisted from a global field of over 2000 entries from top architectural photographers.

This year, we’ve had the benefit of having Chris Upton as part of the regular Line & Light line up and we know how much our photographers have enjoyed their contact with him to date, which we’re delighted will be continuing next year too. Those who know his work as a Fujifilm X Series photographer will be familiar with the product launching and testing that he does with them, but this year, he’s also run independent photographic tours to Italy and Greece which have been highly successful. If you follow him on Facebook, you’ll see some of the wonderful images from the Santorini week that’s he’s just posted, and it looks like the weather was stunning for him out there. If you’re interested in talking to him about his plans for 2018 trips, we can pass your details through to him.

Finally, Dan has been yo-yoing between Nottingham and London this autumn, as well as working with Line & Light, he also divides his time with a video capture company with a difference; Timeslice Films use multi camera arrays, which yield extraordinary results. Most recently he’s been involved in building Europe’s first 3D Video array, which can be used for a variety of mixed reality applications. Footage created at the existing stage in  the USA is seen in the new Bladrunner 2049 film, and it’s work like this which Dan is involved with, although he’s signed an NDA, so he can’t say who’s booked in this winter! Each time we see him, he has tales which defy imagination (and sometimes gravity) from the 106 camera set up which creates a 3d model you can view from any angle, with time as the 4th dimensional viewpoint. If you’re with him for his Lightroom training in December, do ask him about it.

Paul & Bob are just as busy and we’ll feature their activities in a future newsletter, it’s really great to have a team who are involved with such diverse and and rewarding areas of photography.


Don’t forget our plan to party at Glastonbudget at Six Hills, Leicestershire on the May Whitsun Bank Holiday weekend. We will be in attendance on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday, but plan to make the Saturday our main day of celebration as it co-incides not just with amazing music, but also their legendary Fancy Dress competition, a visual feast for us photographers 🙂
Don’t forget to buy your tickets, either for the day or the weekend in good time as there are discounts for early birds.


Early Autumn 2017 Newsletter

September 2017

Hello Photographer!

It’s been a while since we got in touch and summer has been and gone (did anyone notice?). There were some nice spells, but we at Line & Light won’t be remembering it as an especially fabulous one for blue skies.

We’ve got lots to tell you as usual, so, grab a cuppa, sit back and read on…..

Martine’s Manfrotto Summer Promotion 2017

As well as Line & Light being lucky enough to be carrying an extended tripod range for courses this season, Martine has also been involved with their campaign to ‘Capture the Perfect Summer’. With contributions from several brand ambassadors, there’s been a booklet in circulation at various retailers helping photographers plan summer shoots in various areas of interest. Martine was asked to recommend a favourite architectural location, and immediately thought of magnificent Bolsover Castle in north east Derbyshire.

This location was the setting for many lovely L&L days in the past and we always enjoyed taking groups off site and down the hill for a cracking vantage point back up to the castle on its escarpment. The feature recommends a carbon fibre 190 tripod pictured with a ball and socket head, although anyone who knows Martine knows her love for geared heads, which sit very nicely on these legs too!

Don’t forget that Manfrotto have been kind enough to set up an exclusive discount system for us, giving our photographers a cool 20% off their entire range, so not just tripods, lighting gear and bags, but includes brands such as Lastolite & B&W Filters. If you wish to take advantage of this, please contact Martine via email on the usual address and she’ll run through the steps.

We know that lots of our photographers also use London Camera Exchange and WEX for their purchases, and you may be interested to know that Calumet, who were another major retailer for the industry have now been merged with WEX. This gives WEX multiple retail outlets for the first time, and an even larger range of products in their range.


September is seen as a time of year when people think about learning new skills, and we have lots of photographers on our database who come to learn the basics with their camera, but don’t take their relationship with photography much further than a little confidence with ISO’s and altering exposure.

If you fall into this bracket and have had your camera on holiday with you this summer, but have perhaps been a little underwhelmed with the results, we’d like to throw a little focus onto our Stage 2, 3 and 4 days which take camera confidence to the next level.

The first step up is our Level 2 Course – Controlling your camera with confidence, and moves from the comfort of Program mode to the far more creative platform of either Aperture or Shutter Priority, the position from which real photographs are made. In this busy day, we aim to turn simple ‘recorders of events’ into photographers who ‘see and create’ with their cameras. The cost is £79 for the day.

The next Stage 2 course is Saturday 4th November, and you can be sure that techniques for firework photography get covered in anticipation of Sunday’s displays!

If you’ve already done Stage 2, then the real fun begins, and these courses, which run on Saturdays twice a year, are labelled Stages 3 and 4 for convenience rather than a necessary order of progression. They cover very different areas of photography and camera operation and may be attended in any order.

The first, is Stage 3 – Swifter, Better Shooting Skills  and is on Saturday 25th November at £79 for the day. Held at Jubilee Conference Centre at The University of Nottingham, the topics include metering, focussing, filters and long exposures. We spend the afternoon on campus shooting wildlife on the lake by our base room,  and sports taking place on the pitches adjacent.

Stage 4’s Refining Your Skills  day is on 9th December and with an indoor itinerary, the weather can throw what it likes at us whilst we tackle colour control, delve into the world of close-up and macro photography and finally, portraiture in the studio.  This day is £99 (a little higher than the others as we have a model join us for the afternoon session).

If you cannot attend these dates, or would like to buy a course place as a Christmas gift for a loved one (yep, that time is here again soon), then you’ll be pleased to know that 2018 dates for these courses also are now up on the website.


Don’t forget our plan to party at Glastonbudget at Six Hills, Leicestershire on the May Whitsun Bank Holiday weekend. We will be in attendance on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday, but plan to make the Saturday our main day of celebration as it co-incides not just with amazing music, but also their legendary Fancy Dress competition, a visual feast for us photographers 🙂
Don’t forget to buy your tickets, either for the day or the weekend in good time as there are discounts for early birds.


Our Birthday Celebrations for 2018 !


Hello Photographer!

In the latest newsletter we informed you that 2018 was going to be an important year for us and now we want to share our plans for celebrating it with YOU! ……


Yes, we are going to be attending GLASTONBUDGET, the world’s biggest tribute band festival, a MUST for anyone with an interest in street, documentary and portrait photography, but moreover a must for anyone who enjoys really really good music too.

We should stress at this point that it’s not simply ‘karaoke in a field’, these musicians are professionals and earn their living on stage touring the world as their stage alter-egos and are all top class acts. Shut your eyes and you really are listening to Bowie, Queen and Oasis!


  • We shall be attending this festival for its duration – the Whitsun Bank Holiday weekend, which is May 25th, 26th and 27th 2018
  • Glastonbudget is held annually at Turnpost Farm, Back Lane, Wymeswold, Leics, LE12 6SU  – literally 2 mins off the A46 between Nottm & Leicester.
  • Line and Light will be there from the afternoon of Friday 25th, until 11pm on Sunday 27th May 2018, but there’s no pressure to attend the whole event, Saturday will be the main focus of our celebration and we’d love to see you then!
  • For those attending the full festival, the ticket price includes the weekend’s standard camping, and there are a number of upgrade packages available.
  • We shall be cutting our birthday cake on the Saturday lunchtime before the main bands start playing, and raise a glass to the next decade!
  • We will be running a competition for the best photo taken whilst at the festival – Saturday is Fancy Dress Day and the photographic opportunities abound; we hope to have some great prizes for the winners.
  • We are not running any official teaching sessions or courses over that weekend, we’re just there to party and chill to some great music, in great company!


We’re telling you about the plans now because currently, the 2018 tickets are on sale at SUPER EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT PRICES and the full weekend with standard camping is £65 for an adult and a young person’s ticket (age 6-15) is £35.

As we get towards Christmas, this price will increase to become an ‘early bird’, which last year was about £75 per adult and after the new year, the price will increase to around £90 for the full weekend. Single Day tickets go on sale in late autumn, and again benefit from an ‘early bird’ price of around £35- 40 and increase after Christmas.

As you can see, buying now ensures best value!

Simply tell us if you’re aiming to come, or indeed if you’ve booked and then we can keep you informed with plans as they evolve over the coming months.

Really hoping you can join us for the best weekend of 2018!!

Book your place directly with Glastonbudget here

We shall announce more information through the autumn and winter as we firm up our plans, but in the meantime, simply submit your name via email if you’re interested in hearing more and we’ll keep you posted. 


July 2017 Newsletter

Hello Photographer!

A busy period for us with lots to tell you about. We’ve new Manfrotto kit in school which we know will enhance our client’s experience when they’re with us, and we’ve got an enterprising group of beginners who’ve set up their own Facebook Page too. Finally we’re working with several outside organisations delivering training this year.

So, grab a cuppa, sit back and read on….. 

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March 2017 Newsletter

Hello Photographer!

The sun has been shining, the daffs are in bloom, it’s spring! The annual Photography Show at the NEC opens at the weekend and no doubt lots of you will be off there for your annual browse at what’s new and exciting in the photo world.

We have exciting news in our little photo world too, meaning that it’s high time for a newsletter so that we can share it with you.

So, grab a cuppa, sit back and read on…..

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