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Astrophotography – A night with the stars!

Sunday 1st November 2015 – 3.45 – 9.30pm (later if conditions allow)

Learn how to photograph the night sky £99

The nights are longer, and that means more time to look at and photograph our night sky. We’ve had some wonderful activity over the last few weeks; the Red Moon, Lunar Eclipse, Aurora Borealis as far south as Nottingham, and later this month we’re promised meteor shower fireballs, sometimes known as Halloween Fireballs.

If you want to know when to expect these things, how to find them in the night sky and moreover, the techniques for shooting the stars (oh Martine, the puns, the puns…) when you do see them, then join us on Sunday 1st November 2015 at Sherwood Observatory  and get ready for the best show you’ll see all winter long!

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Astrophotography course

Observatory dome


We all see the moon clearly, and yet if we try to shoot it, we invariably get poor results. We shall be learning the foolproof method of getting crisp, well exposed images of it, and moreover, if the conditions allow, we open up the dome at Sherwood Observatory, and attach our cameras to their big telescope for a chance to get up close and personal with that big rock in the sky!
Inside the observatory

Inside the observatory

The team at Sherwood Observatory are all experts in their field and are on hand throughout the evening to guide us through the techniques for this exciting subject matter. The night will appeal to anyone with an understanding of shutter speeds, apertures and ISO control and a 70-200 (or longer) lens. Even if the weather is unkind, we shall still cover all that you need to know for future clear sky events, and can still run through the practical work from under the cover of the observatory’s shelters.

Course content – in brief
  • An introduction to the night sky and photography using your standard DSLR kit
  • Types of Astrophotography images and how to create them
  • Exposure, wavelengths of light and lens choice considerations
  • A guide to the night sky in order to find the best subject matter all year round
  • Post production methods using Adobe Software

This Astrophotography course is just the beginning of what you can learn!  Join us on our specialist experience days and enhance your photos with our software and image manipulation courses too.  Find out more about all of these here.

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