August 2015 Newsletter

Hello Photographer!

August has been a very mixed bag so far, with some scorching sun and a surprising result in the cricket, right through to some unseasonally cold spells.  One constant has been some amazing skies, cloud formations and sunsets, and we’ve also been lucky enough to have some clear nights during the recent Perseids meteor shower.  So wherever you’ve been with your camera and whatever you’ve trained it at, we hope you got some great images.

This month’s newsletter highlights the great value subscription on offer by Adobe for the Creative Cloud Photography package, so do read on….


Adobe CC subscription

August seems to be the best time to grab yourself a bargain with the Adobe Creative Cloud (CC) photography subscription, which includes Lightroom CC and Photoshop CC for only £6.98/mo until August 28th.  That’s only £83.39 for the whole year! This bundle is perfectly suited to us photographers and has always been around the £7-9 mark, but this offer makes it more affordable than ever.  So if you’ve not yet signed up to this, now is probably the best time to make that leap.  Use this link to the Adobe website for the full details.  As a subscriber to the package you’ll get a whole host of extra support too.  This ranges from the latest updates as soon as they’re released, to mobile editing on the go, and includes on-line inspiration and app add-ons too.  With all the latest features right at your finger tips to catalogue, edit, print and reproduce your work for almost any output, it really does need a closer look.

Adobe CC

With Adobe Creative Cloud installed on your computer you can manage product updates, apps, assets and more all in one location.  You’ll get notifications as soon as something needs your attention, without even opening the software itself.  Even if you’re not feeling very creative, by seeing what others are doing via the Stock and Community sections you can kick start your own photographic journey and try out new ideas on your next edits.  With plenty of fonts, vectors, brushes and actions to choose from, this really is a great portal to an amazing editing/photo manipulation experience.  So now really is one of the best time to utilise and enjoy Adobe CC, be bold and get creative again.

System requirements and upgrading

As with all software upgrades, you may need to check the compatibility of your PC, Mac or laptop first.  

Lightroom CC system requirements

Photoshop CC system requirements

If you’re upgrading or migrating from one software package to this offer check one of the following links first.

A link for Aperture users.

A link for Photoshop Elements users.

Mobile support

With both of these great editing tools at your finger tips, there shouldn’t be anything holding you back.   There’s also the added bonus that each of these platforms has a dedicated Adobe app for use on mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets.  Each app will allow you to edit and adjust your images using a few of the tools you’ll be familiar with within the actual software, and as a CC subscriber you can also sync these edits to your catalogue too.  So shooting and editing on the go has never been easier.

If you’ve already set up a subscription to one of these pieces of software, you could always take advantage of this offer and add the other one now. You might even find it saves you some money in the long run too!



Flash Course

Learn to use your flash – Speedlight Course Sat 10th Oct £99

Understanding how to control all the settings on your camera will lead you to some amazing results and sometimes surprisingly unexpected images with pleasing compositions too. However, have you ever taken truly atmospheric shots and images with much more drama by using a little burst of extra lighting?  Quite often speedlights and the use of flash in photography can be more than a little baffling.  It can be the sheer power that causes over-exposed images, or the wrong settings and even the duration of the flash that lead to unsatisfactory results.  If you’re aiming to add a little bit (or a lot) of light to any situation, why not join us on this illuminating course?  We cover the basics of flash and camera settings and controls, and then set up two practical sessions designed to get you in the driving seat again.  This course is aimed at those with their own speedlight(s) and incorporates the use cable or wireless triggers too.  Incidentally, the use of flash can also be a great way of igniting your creative image-making, ready for exploration in your new Adobe CC package!
This course is based at The University of Nottingham, offers plenty of space to working during practical session with our model(s) and there’s always plenty of parking too.
Visit Line and Light to find out more about this and all other courses available, and book your place today.