Early Autumn 2017 Newsletter

September 2017

Hello Photographer!

It’s been a while since we got in touch and summer has been and gone (did anyone notice?). There were some nice spells, but we at Line & Light won’t be remembering it as an especially fabulous one for blue skies.

We’ve got lots to tell you as usual, so, grab a cuppa, sit back and read on…..

Martine’s Manfrotto Summer Promotion 2017

As well as Line & Light being lucky enough to be carrying an extended tripod range for courses this season, Martine has also been involved with their campaign to ‘Capture the Perfect Summer’. With contributions from several brand ambassadors, there’s been a booklet in circulation at various retailers helping photographers plan summer shoots in various areas of interest. Martine was asked to recommend a favourite architectural location, and immediately thought of magnificent Bolsover Castle in north east Derbyshire.

This location was the setting for many lovely L&L days in the past and we always enjoyed taking groups off site and down the hill for a cracking vantage point back up to the castle on its escarpment. The feature recommends a carbon fibre 190 tripod pictured with a ball and socket head, although anyone who knows Martine knows her love for geared heads, which sit very nicely on these legs too!

Don’t forget that Manfrotto have been kind enough to set up an exclusive discount system for us, giving our photographers a cool 20% off their entire range, so not just tripods, lighting gear and bags, but includes brands such as Lastolite & B&W Filters. If you wish to take advantage of this, please contact Martine via email on the usual address and she’ll run through the steps.

We know that lots of our photographers also use London Camera Exchange and WEX for their purchases, and you may be interested to know that Calumet, who were another major retailer for the industry have now been merged with WEX. This gives WEX multiple retail outlets for the first time, and an even larger range of products in their range.


September is seen as a time of year when people think about learning new skills, and we have lots of photographers on our database who come to learn the basics with their camera, but don’t take their relationship with photography much further than a little confidence with ISO’s and altering exposure.

If you fall into this bracket and have had your camera on holiday with you this summer, but have perhaps been a little underwhelmed with the results, we’d like to throw a little focus onto our Stage 2, 3 and 4 days which take camera confidence to the next level.

The first step up is our Level 2 Course – Controlling your camera with confidence, and moves from the comfort of Program mode to the far more creative platform of either Aperture or Shutter Priority, the position from which real photographs are made. In this busy day, we aim to turn simple ‘recorders of events’ into photographers who ‘see and create’ with their cameras. The cost is £79 for the day.

The next Stage 2 course is Saturday 4th November, and you can be sure that techniques for firework photography get covered in anticipation of Sunday’s displays!

If you’ve already done Stage 2, then the real fun begins, and these courses, which run on Saturdays twice a year, are labelled Stages 3 and 4 for convenience rather than a necessary order of progression. They cover very different areas of photography and camera operation and may be attended in any order.

The first, is Stage 3 – Swifter, Better Shooting Skills  and is on Saturday 25th November at £79 for the day. Held at Jubilee Conference Centre at The University of Nottingham, the topics include metering, focussing, filters and long exposures. We spend the afternoon on campus shooting wildlife on the lake by our base room,  and sports taking place on the pitches adjacent.

Stage 4’s Refining Your Skills  day is on 9th December and with an indoor itinerary, the weather can throw what it likes at us whilst we tackle colour control, delve into the world of close-up and macro photography and finally, portraiture in the studio.  This day is £99 (a little higher than the others as we have a model join us for the afternoon session).

If you cannot attend these dates, or would like to buy a course place as a Christmas gift for a loved one (yep, that time is here again soon), then you’ll be pleased to know that 2018 dates for these courses also are now up on the website.


Don’t forget our plan to party at Glastonbudget at Six Hills, Leicestershire on the May Whitsun Bank Holiday weekend. We will be in attendance on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday, but plan to make the Saturday our main day of celebration as it co-incides not just with amazing music, but also their legendary Fancy Dress competition, a visual feast for us photographers 🙂
Don’t forget to buy your tickets, either for the day or the weekend in good time as there are discounts for early birds.