Hello Photographer!

2015 is shaping up to bring some exciting changes for Line+Light. We’re in the process of revamping the website, as if any of you look at it currently using an i-phone or tablet, you’ll notice that it’s tricky to navigate compared to when viewing on a conventional computer screen with a mouse. This is because it was designed before mobile devices were introduced, where as today, many of us own them. We hope to make the mobile viewing experience just as easy as on a computer, so bear with us, we should be up and running with the new look later this spring.

We’ve also come up with a great way of showcasing your wonderful images that you shoot on our courses, so Do read on…..

Your photography gallery

We’ve created a template for displaying your images by way of a short film – simply press play to enjoy the first volume of pictures….

We’ve taken some of our favourites which photographers emailed us during 2014, these were taken on our days out to Bolsover Castle, on the Birds of Prey day, Portraiture, at the Rugby, on the Summer Gardens course and on our Stage 3 Refining skills course.  These represent just  a fraction of the fabulous pictures which Bob, Dan, Paul and I saw on the back screen of your cameras whilst we were out with you, and would love to be able to create a second volume of highlights for release later in the spring.

If you have any great shots that you think would work well in this format, do email us some jpegs (a minimum of 1500px wide, but below 5MB) and we’ll add them to the list. You don’t need to worry about them being lifted for use by others, they’re embedded within the video and it would be extremely difficult to extract them. Instead, we’ll put your name by them and use them to illustrate your photographic adventures with Line+Light. It would be super to illustrate different course activities next time, so if you were on any of the architectural itineraries, flash, or Stage 1 or 2, that would be fab.

A huge thank you to the kind folk whose pics are up first, we’re as proud of them as you are!

Changes to courses for 2015

Our very popular ‘Learn Photography’ courses have traditionally been rolled out as a three stage platform, with regular Stage 1 dates where getting folk off the ‘green square’ was key to the teaching input. This led to Stage 2 where shutter speed & aperture control were introduced, and finally Stage 3 which covered the principles of colour & light, with hands-on practice in portraiture and closeup/macro to illustrate these concepts. 

Over the last year we’ve been talking about introducing another tier to slip between the current Stage 2 & 3. This would firm up on aperture & shutter priority confidence, explore metering and focus in more detail (savvy with tracking motion? spot metering?), to introduce filters with the use of polarisers, grads and ND’s for greater exposure control & establishing RAW shooting for quality. We’re bringing the dusk & low light section down from what will become the new Stage 4, and placing it into Stage 3.

We know how popular the hands-on session is for lighting, studio portraiture with our model, plus close up and macro, so we’re extending the practical element of the new Day 4 so that you can all get the most out of the experience there too. The Stage 1 course will remain at £69, Stages 2 and 3 at £79 and Stage 4 with the model at £99.

We are confident that bringing in the new workshop will allow photographers to increase their skills with their camera and therefore lead to confident shooting across a whole variety of situations, from days out & holidays, family events or sporting activities. Come and join us for the new Stage 3 on Saturday 9th May!

Modern Architecture

Shoot modern architecture this spring! £99

Friday 24th April 2015
Jubilee Campus, Nottingham

Jubilee Campus in Nottingham receives visitors from across the globe, who come to see this showcase of award winning modern architecture set around a beautiful lake. With unrivalled access to the many buildings and a chance to try perspective control lenses, this is an opportunity to work with Martine for the day, at home in her world.

With a classroom briefing at the beginning of the day (architecture is pretty technical photography, so comfortable operation of your DSLR or CSC system camera is advised) you’ll discover what’s in the mind of an architectural photographer and learn how to see the shots a pro creates for the books & magazines that these buildings have appeared in over the last decade.

TSE lenses are the tools for shooting architecture, and the top flight landscape pro’s use them too. If you’re Canon or Nikon, you’re going to be able to try these at no extra cost; indeed many guests have used this day as a way of trying the kit before deciding whether to invest (and many then do!). Come and spend a day on campus this spring and learn to get the best out of this subject matter in time for your summer trips.

Modern Architecture
Course content – in brief
  • Exclusive interior and exterior access.
  • The opportunity to shoot award winning modern architecture.
  • Classroom start to the day includes technical and creative camera control.
  • Learn how to style interiors, work with models on site and apply to your imagery.
  • On hand help, advice & support from one of the UK’s foremost architectural photographers.

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