July 2016 Newsletter

July 2016 Newsletter

Hello Photographer!

Well, the weather has been so utterly dreadful that Martine has been struggling to get out to her architectural work. As a result, there’s time to write a July newsletter!

This month we’re talking about a rather extraordinary art event that Martine & Paul took part in, and also to remind you of the good cause we’re trying to help this September.

So, grab a cuppa, sit back and read on…..

Sea of Hull – Major Artwork for Hull City of Culture 2017

For a second month you could say that we’re ‘getting personal’ for our newsletter, but we wanted to share news of a rather extraordinary photoshoot, which took place last weekend in Hull.

We are photographers, and as such would all claim to have an interest in creative images, particularly memorable ones. A contemporary photographer whose work gets people talking, is an American called Spencer Tunick, whose set pieces usually involve large numbers of volunteers, and take place in stunning locations across the globe.

The thing that sets these images apart is the fact that all of the participants are naked. Totally naked. Titivating? Sensationalist? Disgusting? No, on the contrary, they’re not considered to be any of that. They are really rather beautiful. Calm. Graceful. Fascinating.


As part of Hull’s ‘City of Culture 2017’ status, the Ferrars Art Gallery commissioned Spencer Tunick to come and create a show for them, and earlier this year, the national press launched a call for volunteers to take part.

The participants knew nothing about the new works, except that they had to be in Hull city centre at 3am on the 9th July and that they were going to be painted blue. Martine & Paul thought that taking part in one of these artworks would be an interesting experience and were part of the 3,200 strong group of people aged between 18-80+ who volunteered. They found their fellow models from all locations (German, Dutch, American, French, Irish, Scottish, Welsh accents heard), and with all shapes and sizes; able bodies, wheelchair bound, pregnant, post-mastectomy, tall, short, thin, fat, and very very blue!



The reality of the experience? Everyone was cold, that’s for sure, it was a 3am start and the shooting commenced at dawn. Lying down on tarmac with no clothing was uncomfortable too, but you’d expect that. The discomfort was outweighed by the sense of being part of something extraordinary, everyone chatted to each other, everyone was utterly equal, and after the first two minutes of “OMG we’re naked”, the mass became the norm, a collective body of humanity. Hull had organised it to the smallest detail, the streets were cordoned off, there were no bystanders or people ogling. Personal possessions were secure whilst the shoot took place, and it was all over by 8am and off for a hot breakfast.

The real results will be on show at the Ferrars Gallery next year, but press pics have already been in the Sunday Press, BBC news and on Line and Light’s Facebook page! All jokes on the line of Papa and Mama Smurf have already been aired by the way….. 🙂

All pics here are Copyright of the respective photographers.


Raising money for charity this autumn…..

Saturday 24th September 2016  

You will have read about our efforts to raise money for The University of Nottingham’s chosen charity for its LifeCycle 6 Breast Cancer campaign already, but we aren’t apologising for reminding you again in the hope that you may know of someone who would enjoy learning with us AND supporting a great cause.

If you never attended one of our Digital Stage One courses, then you won’t know that we spend the first part of the day talking about the different camera platforms, card sizes, write speeds, how cameras work and other really vital stuff which no one tells you, and yet you’re expected to walk into a camera shop and spend hundreds of pounds wisely.

We delve into the foundation of the golden triangle of exposure – ISO, and make sure everyone understands how the sensor responds in different lighting conditions and what impact this has on image quality.

We demonstrate exposure, histograms, exposure value compensation and explore lens focal length, looking at the impact that focal length changes have on perspective and the ‘look’ of an image. This leads us into story telling, through composition and content, with practical exercises to make sure that learners go home with a comfortable, solid foundation to image making.

On Saturday 24th September, learners will be getting all of this AND know that 100% of the money taken for that course is going to support Breast Cancer research.

PLEASE PLEASE tell your friends, buy a gift voucher for a loved one for that day, or even just pledge a little towards the event which we can add to the total. Thank you so much.

Visit Line and Light to find out more about this and all other courses available, and book your place today.


Course content – in brief
  • Classroom based course introducing photography, tips for buying gear and how cameras work 
  • ISO control, histograms, exposure compensation, focal length and compositions skills
  • Two small groups working with tutors for afternoon shooting exercises
  • Raffle for a Stage 2 course place
  • Refreshments included throughout the day
  • Great fun assured for everyone whilst learning and raising money!