July 2017 Newsletter

Hello Photographer!

A busy period for us with lots to tell you about. We’ve new Manfrotto kit in school which we know will enhance our client’s experience when they’re with us, and we’ve got an enterprising group of beginners who’ve set up their own Facebook Page too. Finally we’re working with several outside organisations delivering training this year.

So, grab a cuppa, sit back and read on….. 

New Manfrotto kit in school for the summer! 

As you know, Martine has been a brand ambassador for leading photographic company Manfrotto for several years now. We’ve carried their tripods on all of our days and photographers have really benefitted from this ‘try before you buy’ aspect of gear testing that we’ve been able to offer. As anyone who’s used a tripod will verify, head styles are like marmite, you love ’em or hate ’em and everyone has a different view on what suits them best.

So, we are delighted to tell you that we’ve been able to open this up further for summer 2017 and have been fortunate enough to extend the leg range from the 190 & 055’s to include the 190Go! and 290’s, plus we have another five new heads to put on them as well.

In addition to the two 410’s and X-pro geared head, we now have two further X-pro geared heads for the architectural and landscape photographers who join us regularly. For other subject interests, we’ve got more ball and sockets plus, for the first time, a pistol grip for you to try too. It means that for the vast majority of our courses, we’re able to give every photographer a chance to try a tripod from the range.

We’ve also got one of Manfrotto’s little LED battery lights for close-up and macro work, which came out on May’s Stage 4 course and was perfect for lighting small objects. Lastly, Manfrotto have been kind enough to set up an exclusive discount system for us, giving our photographers a cool 20% off their entire range, so not just tripods, lighting gear and bags, but includes brands such as Lastolite & B&W Filters. If you wish to take advantage of this, please contact Martine via email on the usual address and she’ll run through the steps.


As you all know we run our Stage 1, 2, 3 & 4 courses throughout the year and many friendships form between the people who meet each other on these days.

A couple of months back, a few of January 2017’s Stage 1 group who’d gone through to level 3 together asked if they could set up a Facebook page so that like minded people could show their photos, have feedback from their peers and arrange shooting ventures together.

Today (as we write this on the first weekend of July), they’re off photographing the Flying Scotsman as it passes through the county, and we’re sure that this is the first of many such convivial arrangements that the group will make over the coming months. It’s not a formal ‘club’, as such, but if you’ve learned with us in this year and fancy being part of a group who want to talk pictures and see pictures, why not join the group?


Lots of people who receive this newsletter came to know Line and Light through channels other than enrolling directly on our courses. Over the last decade we’ve embarked on several meaningful and enjoyable relationships with other event providers and institutions, providing photography courses across England at their venues. Happily, we then get many of those who’ve attended our days via bodies such as English Heritage, The Royal Photographic Society and the RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) come and enrol directly on our own course platform and continue learning with us.

This year we’ve continued to grow our partnerships, and are delighted to now be working directly with WEX, offering some of our popular days to their national contacts. Martine first worked with WEX when they teamed up with Manfrotto on a series called ‘WEX Walkabouts”. She hosted days with them at Norwich Cathedral, Sandringham, and latterly, Holme Pierrepont and Wollaton Hall. This summer, the walkabout series moves to Jubilee Campus for a day, and is an affordable means of having a morning or afternoon perambulating the campus architecture at a lower price point than our own courses. It should be stressed that formal ‘teaching’ isn’t taking place on Walkabouts, nor is the same level of access to buildings granted on this event, however, for £20 it is great value, and always, great fun. This one runs on 17th August and the booking is via WEX’s system.

In addition to our usual courses aimed at learners and enthusiasts, we’ve always undertaken clients for industry training and this summer Paul is training across the country for Punch Taverns, teaching approx 300 landlords how to market their pubs using i-phones for their social media sites, which he reports is all good fun – cheers!

E-commerce photography course


Yes, we’re just giving you a heads-up on this one, because we’ve a celebration planned which we’d love you to be a part of on the May Whitsun Bank Holiday weekend. Watch this space for more details coming soon – we shall dedicate a newsletter shortly to what, where and when.