Hello Photographer!

May was a busy month, and although we didn’t have many courses running, there was lots happening in the background. We were putting more work into the new look website, Paul ran the inaugural Motor Sports course at Cadwell Park which was a huge hit, and Martine carried on preparing for her anniversary show.

As you might imagine, with 25 years being quite a milestone, her show is the subject of this month’s newsletter.

Do read on….

The show is up! 25 years of Architectural Photography

I have been in business since July 1990, and have been lucky enough to have several notable shows during that time, including a massive exhibition in Ningbo, China in 2009. However, what will possibly be one of the most personal (event hough all of the others were my work), is this summer’s exhibition at Bromley House Library in Nottingham. You will recognise the name as it is where ‘How to shoot historic Interiors’ is based, and featured in last month’s newsletter.

Bromley House is one of my favourite buildings in the world, and the show tells the story of my working life, in the form of several ‘mini shows’ which hang across the building on all four floors. The ground floor has a collection of my favourite images from the digital collection; shots form the last ten years, where as lots of material taken with my beloved 5×4′ Linhof Tecnikardan hangs elsewhere, prints from exhibitions such as 1997’s One City:One hundred years, a whole room of my years working for the architectural press, another room of images for The University of Nottingham, and for those who missed the RIBA show at Newton Arkwright last May, a chance to see some of the buildings which featured in that collection.



Bromley Library

We held an industry Private View for my architectural clients on June 10th which was a great success, with some pretty senior people from the building world present, which was a lovely acknowledgement to the value they must place on my work. Since then we have had another event for my family, friends and assistants from across the years, so that was fantastic. However, if you’ve not seen the exhibition yet yourself and would like to do so, its on until August 19th.

The pics below by Jon Hancock show Bob and Melanie looking at displays and family & friends with me at the Private View.

Canon Firmware display.

Sporting Courses

Thought we would bring two events to your attention which run just after the summer break, firstly on Sept 5th, we are at the Nottingham Outlaws ground for the first time, which is at Highfields Park near The University of Nottingham. We are delighted to be working with this club, who are allowing us roving access and a dedicated viewing area from above the action, as well as on the touchline. We’re able to price point this course at a slightly lower level than with our previous location and team, so if you’ve not dabbled with sports as a subject before but were put off by the price, here’s the opportunity to give it a go!

For those who like their adrenaline at even higher levels, we suggest the motor sports day at wonderful Cadwell Park in Lincolnshire on Sept 18th. This time we’ll be watching the time trials for that weekend’s BRSCC Club Car Championship and are guaranteed great viewpoints and stunning image making opportunities.

So, ladies and gentlemen, charge your batteries and get ready for starters orders this autumn!

Visit Line and Light to find out more about this and all other courses available, and book your place today.