Camera Clubs

If you’re a camera club member we’d love to welcome you on a Line+Light day this year. We have guests from clubs across the UK who like to use days as an opportunity to create images for club competitions and battles, to learn more about using their kit and for the chance to try new techniques at leisure with guidance from respected industry professionals.

Three of our tutors are past presidents of camera clubs, so they understand exactly how images need to look in order to rank highly in print and digital image battles, they know that Line+light days are able to offer tuition in a complementary way to the skills workshops you are like to enjoy in your club environment as Bob Rowe often remarks, “club membership isn’t necessarily about learning skills, seeing other member’s images is inspirational, but they’re unlikely to divulge just how they created their brand of magic, that bit is what we do!”.

If you’re a bonafide camera club member attending, ask about our discounts when you book, or if you would like speaker or judge for your next season, our tutors are available for engagements across the midlands region. Bob is renowned as judge and known by hundreds of PAGB and NEMF members, Chris speaks across the Uk about his travel and landscape work and kit testing for Fuji-X and Martine regularly speaks about 27 years at the top in architectural photography. Paul’s evening about being a documentary cameraman & HDSLR specialist is both highly entertaining and inspirational.

For Chairman’s Evening I invited Martine to visit the Worcestershire Camera Club & talk about her work as an Architectural photographer. It is an unusual subject but was very well received by the members. Her experience & professionalism was showcased with a superb series of presentations which, linked to her sense of humour & warm personality, kept the audience enthralled for the whole evening.

Paul Mann, Chairman
Paul Mann, ChairmanWorcestershire Camera Club