Line and Light use a variety of venues across the midlands for their training days. Some are in historic properties which have limited access for those with mobility restrictions or wheelchair users, and we will always do our best to thoroughly research viable amendments to itineraries in order to accommodate guests where possible. Sometimes though, it’s just not feasible to do this and we ask that you advise us when booking so that we can suggest alternative courses for you which cover similar content.

Our ‘Learning Photography’ and Adobe software series of courses have venues specifically chosen to be accessible to as many as possible and we have welcomed many photographers with mobility issues, hearing and sight impairments over the last few years. If viewing a screen presentation within a group context is difficult, please let us know and we’ll load the day’s lecture onto an i-pad so that you can browse it at your own speed and distance.

If you need to bring a carer or assistant with you on the day, there will not be a charge for their place.

In summary, we firmly believe that our shared passion of image making can be enjoyed by everyone and we will do our best to extend that welcome as much as we can.

Finding a good, affordable and professional photographic course is hard enough but add to that the need for it to be wheelchair accessible and the task is even harder. I needn’t have worried as going on a Line + Light course was something that ticked all the boxes.

Mark Price, Nottingham
Mark Price, NottinghamPhotographer