Your chance to try pro kit with us

As professional photographers who’ve been in the industry for years, we’ve all spent thousands over the years buying kit we’ve read reviews about and then found it disappointing when it hasn’t been quite as we expected, or worse still, totally unfit for purpose!

As a result, at Line+Light we’ve worked hard to broker relationships with leading industry manufacturers and are delighted to be able to offer our guests the opportunity to try Manfrotto tripods and camera supports and Lastolite reflectors & flash aids on our courses.

This latest gear is supplied on events where their use will be of benefit to you, and gives you the opportunity to try, totally free of charge, great kit at your leisure with tuition and advice throughout.

We also have a Canon 1100d & 60d, together with an 18-135mm or 18-200mm lens in the school which may be reserved when you book on beginners days if you don’t yet own a camera.

For Astrophotography nights, we provide adaptors for you to try shooting with your DSLR body on a proper telescope (Canon, Nikon and Sony fit).

For architectural itineraries, we give you the chance to try perspective control lenses (Canon & Nikon fit).

For close up and macro courses, we supply extension tubes (Canon & Nikon fit) to try, and for many itineraries we bring a variety of ND and grad filters for you to play with.

In summary, Line+Light provide more than just tuition and great locations to spend time with your camera!

The opportunity to practice on equipment which may be on my ‘wish list’ is really helpful. I liked your enthusiasm and teaching style.  I learnt a lot – even about my camera which I’ve had for many years!

T Barker, Derby
T Barker, DerbyPhotographer
Pro Kit