Dan Billings BA (Hons)

Dan Billings BA (Hons) has been known by photographers who’ve attended Flash Workshops, Astrophotography nights, Lightroom courses and portraiture sessions, as well as the Stage 1- 3 Learning Photography courses over the last few years.

Until 2014 he was training portrait photographers but between then and 2017 worked commercially with Martine, training with Line+Light as well as shooting weddings, sports events and portraiture sessions for his own clients. In the summer of 2017 he moved down to London to help develop a studio which specialises in cutting edge video and photographic capture. This technology is what is used to photograph and film people in 3D and 4D (In a nutshell it’s lots of DLSRs or video cameras shooting at exactly the same time to create believable 3 and 4d ‘life’ models of each subject).

Dan is an enthusiastic member of the tutor team who is known for his gentle, patient manner & knowledge of camera kit, together with the web, social media and the best use of images online.

Dan has worked with extensively with children and adults, and like other members of the Line + Light team, he’s DBS cleared. He can be booked to run practical workshops or classroom based activities with groups or individuals.

Thank you Dan for all your help and making it a fun day. A fantastic Line & Light course, I’ve come away learning a few more skills and feel a lot more confident using flash. Can’t wait until the next course.

Gary D, Nottingham
Gary D, NottinghamPhotographer
Dan Billings