March 2016 Newsletter


March 2016 Newsletter

Hello Photographer!

This month’s newsletter is hot on the heels of the last one and brings you news of a change to one of our most popular courses, plus a focus on Cadwell Park’s Motor Racing day which now has a 2016 date arranged.

March is also the industry’s big month in the calendar – the Photography Show at the NEC. This year its between 19th-22nd March and we shall be going to check out the latest innovations in the camera market, which we’ll report on in April if we think there’s any exciting developments you should know about. However, that’s then and this is now, so grab a cuppa, sit back and do read on….


Shooting Portraits – we listened…..

One of the earliest courses we developed for Line + Light was the Portraiture on Location day, which ran for several years at English Heritage’s Bolsover Castle in Derbyshire. Latterly we’ve held it at the Tudor gem, Holme Pierrepont Hall in Nottinghamshire. 

We’ve always had female models on the course with us and run a split group, with a point in the day where we’ve merged the two sets so that folk can capture the two girls together. This invariably means learning about controlling posing when there’s proximity to consider. Height differences and body language can become a potential barrier to successful image making for our guests.

We have had a number of photographers out with us join the past who have been asked to cover family engagements & weddings with their gear, and this always fills them with a certain dread, as well as excitement at the challenge. So, with them, and indeed anyone else in mind who would like to learn how to create stylish, relaxed portraits with a couple, we have booked two models for Sunday 19th June at Holme Pierrepont for this very task.

We’re not just ringing the changes by having a boy and girl with us, we’ve restructured the day so that it comes in at a lower price point too, and we’re doing this by running two half-day sessions with a maximum of six photographers per slot instead of our full day workshop. 

For £75, you may choose to attend for the morning or afternoon. We also think that some may wish to be present for the full day as no picture ever is quite the same as its predecessor when the light changes and we have a whole building and gardens to roam. This is priced at a lower rate of £125 for both sessions. 

Drop onto our website for more information about the day and booking a place.

































Friday 16th September 2016


We’re really delighted to be working with the team at Cadwell Park in the rolling Lincolnshire Wolds again for our 2016 Motor Sports day.

This was a great success when it was launched last year, and our photographers were in the capable hands of cameraman Paul Mottram, who has both filmed the Monaco Grand Prix and made a documentary about the legendary Schumacher when his racing career was at its height. Paul will be returning with a group again in September when the action promises to be of the vintage variety, as our day coincides with the weekend’s Classic Sports Club Car Championship.

Expect to get up close to a variety of cars in action including vehicles from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s together with Lotus 7’s & Caterhams.

We have our own room for the day overlooking the track, meaning even if the weather is inclement, we have a base with a vantage point ensuring that whenever the action is taking place, we can still shoot. If its anything like 2015 though, it’ll be the factor 20 we’re needing! Prepare to be lying on your tummy for low stuff, or standing on the brow of a hill as they all fly towards you. Cadwell’s reputation as the “Matterhorn’ of circuits is a title well earned!

See you there 🙂 Visit Line and Light to find out more about this and all other courses available, and book your place today.


Course content – in brief

  • Best metering & focussing modes for capturing fast paced action.
  • Shoot the day’s racing from multiple points around the circuit without crowds obscuring the view.
  • Classroom start to the day includes inspiration and how to control the scene.
  • Opportunity for candid portraiture and still life details of cars and owners in the paddocks.