March 2017 Newsletter

Hello Photographer!

The sun has been shining, the daffs are in bloom, it’s spring! The annual Photography Show at the NEC opens at the weekend and no doubt lots of you will be off there for your annual browse at what’s new and exciting in the photo world.

We have exciting news in our little photo world too, meaning that it’s high time for a newsletter so that we can share it with you.

So, grab a cuppa, sit back and read on…..

Line and Light photography school is based in Nottingham and offers one day courses for beginners and enthusiasts.

Spot a new face? Please join us in wishing a warm welcome to Chris Upton! 

2017 sees a new member for the Line & Light team, and we are thrilled that Fuji-X photographer Chris Upton has said yes to working with us across a range of courses. Many of you will know his gorgeous landscape and travel images, he’s a regular on the club scene, lectures with the Fuji team, runs his own travel workshops and has had a huge number of images in the photographic press.

Bob and Dan have known Chris very well both socially and professionally for many years, and we know that he has always spoken warmly of Line & Light, but until now, he has not been involved with us in delivering workshops.  Those who attend the February Stage 1 & 2 days have already benefitted from his warm teaching style, and as the year progresses, you’ll see him attending a cross section of the days so that he gets familiar with our platform of courses.

We hope that he will be able to work with us in developing new itineraries which draw on his specialist skills, and certainly, Martine is looking forward to his presence on the Gardens, Landscapes & Architecture day in July where his input will be warmly welcomed.


We have just had a refresher of many of the galleries on the website. As a result, some of your lovely images are now in use (with your credits on the page) in the course portfolios. We always enjoy it when you share your photos after days spent with Line & Light, and can think of no better way to tell future photographers what they’re likely to get up to on the courses.

As our thank you to you, if you see your name and images in use on the website, please claim a £20 gift voucher for use on any of the 2017 dates. Simply fill the form in and request that amount as a discount off your next booking.

Well done, and please keep your lovely pics coming!