November 2015 Newsletter

Hello Photographer!

Last month we had our ‘Black Friday’ promotion which was hugely successful so we shall look forward to seeing lots of old friends through the spring and summer 2016. It was interesting to note that several bookings were made from people who’ve not been out with us for two or three years, so it’s nice to know that you’re still using your cameras and reading our newsletters.

It was discovering this demographic that made us decide to look at our database and see what other interesting facts it revealed about our photographers, so there’s a little article about our relationship with you this month.

So in short, grab a cuppa, sit back and read on……


You and us – some interesting Line and Light statistics!

When I go out to do my talks to photographic clubs and societies, I tell the audience that Line+Light began as a result of Bob and I preparing for the oncoming recession in the building industry, which as an architectural photographer I was increasingly concerned about. He and I knew that we would enjoy continuing to work together, but foresaw that this would be incredibly difficult as architects and construction companies experienced a dramatic reduction in their output.

We were right, and as 2007 progressed we saw our client base slipping away. Spring forward to 2015 and it is business as usual again for architecture so when the sky is blue I am trekking across the UK with my camera and assistants. However, Line+Light is here to stay, and in the seven years since its inception we are able to tell you that….

  • The youngest photographer we’ve taught was eight and the oldest came on his eighty second birthday!
  • There are 62% males vs 38% female photographers training with us (and this statistic has stayed almost identical to the percentage point since we first started out).
  • Almost 600 of our photographers tell us they’re between 40-69, but only 36 have admitted to being over 70 (we suspect a few more than that may have been 71+ and a bit extra…shhh).
  • Nearly 300 were 19-39, and we’ve had a fair few children both with, and without their parents coming on the days.
  • We’ve run an almost equal amount of classroom based courses as outdoor and location based itineraries.
  • We’ve taught 400 complete beginners how to use their cameras (and hopefully they still are enjoying photography!)
  • Our most popular course is Portraiture on Location, we’ve run it at Bolsover Castle 75% of that time and have varied it with our alternative venue of Holme Pierrepont Hall in the last couple of years.
  • Our most popular courses by theme are the Learning Photography series – especially Digital Stages 1 & 2 and our architectural itineraries.
  • Over 120 of you have photographed Q the Vulture on our Birds of Prey day.
  • 75 photographers have climbed up to the amazing attics at Bromley House on Historic Interiors, and some people have joined Bromley library as a direct result of coming on the course.
  • We have several photographers who’ve attended more than a dozen days with us and one individual who has been on 19 courses!
  • Most people come on more than one course.
  • 50% of our gift voucher sales are purchased in the run up to Christmas gifts.
  • The most popular courses that people attend more than once are portraiture (one person has done it 5 times in order to benefit from model changes, season changes and venue variety), followed by Papplewick Pumping Station and thirdly Birds of Prey.
  • The tutor who has run the most outdoor events is Martine, Bob has run the most classroom based days, Dan does both in equal measure and
  • Paul has taught the most 1:1’s in his specialism with HDSLR Video.
  • We’ve taught almost 900 individuals on well over 2000 courses places and have already taken bookings for as far ahead as September 2016!

Other interesting stats tell us that Newstead Abbey and Castles & Ruins have been very popular in the past and we’ve not run courses at these venues for the last couple of years, would you like to see them back?

We have introduced the Rugby and Motor Racing in the last couple of years and these have not been as popular as we anticipated. Any thoughts as to why?

An obvious gap in our ‘offer’ is landscape itineraries. Given that Derbyshire is on our doorstep, is this of interest to you? We’ve always worked on the basis that there are plenty of other individuals and photo schools running landscape courses, and therefore have kept away from this field. Should we change tack?

Please email us directly with your thoughts on these questions as now is the time of year when we are able to look at plans for the coming year and can adapt accordingly.

Over to you!
The piccy below bucks the trend on our 2/3rd’s men statistic – There are only two chaps in this lot (apart from Bob, easily spotted by the shock of white hair). Go girls go!

Line+Light photographic training courses

Course group photo



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