November 2017 Newsletter

Hello Photographer!

Brr, winter seems like it’s here now, as we sit with the heating on in the Line & Light office. It’s been an interesting couple of months, so we thought we’d get you up to date with what’s been going on with the team and our photographers.

Grab a cuppa, sit back and read on…..

 A busy team – a double award shortlist for Martine, Chris goes on tour and Dan builds a 3D 4k capture studio…. 

This last week has been a busy one for Martine, who was with WEX on Saturday 11th November as a guest speaker at their new flagship store in London. She followed the rock photographer Jill Furmanovsky in the line up and rather thought the room would empty after Jill finished, after all, pics of architecture could hardly compete with shots and stories of legends such as Pink Floyd, Dire Straits & Oasis could they? Sure enough, the crowd thinned after Jill came off stage, but ten minutes later when Martine was due on, they were all back! The whole morning was great fun and lots of people came up afterwards to ask about architecture courses for 2018, so we shall hope to meet some of them next spring in Nottingham.

The next few days are just as interesting for Martine, as on Wednesday she’s guest speaker at Ashby Photographic Society, on Thursday she’s attending an awards dinner where she’s been shortlisted for a ‘Women in Construction’ award  and on Friday 17th, her shot of Derby’s Velodrome (see below) is judged in Berlin at the World Architecture Festival where it’s been shortlisted from a global field of over 2000 entries from top architectural photographers.

This year, we’ve had the benefit of having Chris Upton as part of the regular Line & Light line up and we know how much our photographers have enjoyed their contact with him to date, which we’re delighted will be continuing next year too. Those who know his work as a Fujifilm X Series photographer will be familiar with the product launching and testing that he does with them, but this year, he’s also run independent photographic tours to Italy and Greece which have been highly successful. If you follow him on Facebook, you’ll see some of the wonderful images from the Santorini week that’s he’s just posted, and it looks like the weather was stunning for him out there. If you’re interested in talking to him about his plans for 2018 trips, we can pass your details through to him.

Finally, Dan has been yo-yoing between Nottingham and London this autumn, as well as working with Line & Light, he also divides his time with a video capture company with a difference; Timeslice Films use multi camera arrays, which yield extraordinary results. Most recently he’s been involved in building Europe’s first 3D Video array, which can be used for a variety of mixed reality applications. Footage created at the existing stage in  the USA is seen in the new Bladrunner 2049 film, and it’s work like this which Dan is involved with, although he’s signed an NDA, so he can’t say who’s booked in this winter! Each time we see him, he has tales which defy imagination (and sometimes gravity) from the 106 camera set up which creates a 3d model you can view from any angle, with time as the 4th dimensional viewpoint. If you’re with him for his Lightroom training in December, do ask him about it.

Paul & Bob are just as busy and we’ll feature their activities in a future newsletter, it’s really great to have a team who are involved with such diverse and and rewarding areas of photography.


Don’t forget our plan to party at Glastonbudget at Six Hills, Leicestershire on the May Whitsun Bank Holiday weekend. We will be in attendance on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday, but plan to make the Saturday our main day of celebration as it co-incides not just with amazing music, but also their legendary Fancy Dress competition, a visual feast for us photographers 🙂
Don’t forget to buy your tickets, either for the day or the weekend in good time as there are discounts for early birds.