September 2015 Newsletter

Hello Photographer!

This month’s newsletter is coming out again as there were a couple of misplaced offers in it. Please look through it again, or if you didn’t catch it earlier in the week, do scroll through now to discover our new video gallery and a fab course sale! …..

Summer is over, we are looking back over the year so far, and then ahead – this month’s newsletter is all about celebrating your photography. We reflect on what some of you have achieved with Line & Light this year to date with the launch of our new video gallery, and also help you plan new days with us, your camera and some fantastic locations in 2016.

Your best images – 2015 Video Gallery launches here!

You may recall at the beginning of this year we created our first ever video highlights gallery of your best work from 2014. We’ve played this on some of our course days and those of you whose work was featured have been able to go onto our You Tube site and show your friends what you’ve been up to on your courses. A couple weeks back we asked for image submissions via our Facebook Page with a focus on certain events which have run this spring and summer and now we are proud to share some of the best shots submitted with you.

We plan to make another one at the end of this year, so anything you’ve attended during 2015 (or have booked to come to this autumn) will be considered for the December video launch.

We do hope you enjoy watching it, sit back with a cuppa and see some great photography….. PLAY


We’d never done this before, but for two weeks (a bit longer than just a Friday to give you a chance to plan), we were doing some crazy deals for courses in 2016 for bookings made in September 2015. The prices were as low as we could put them and we didn’t offer the deals to new photographers as a way of saying thank you to all of you for supporting us through the years.


Heres what we offered…..


* Please note, these offers are no longer available.


Line+Light photographic training course group photo

Course group photo