Autumn 2016 Newsletter

Autumn 2016 Newsletter

Hello Photographer!

Goodness me! Where has the time gone? Last time we got a newsletter out was in July, and between then and now, we’ve had a rather decent summer and so far a sunny autumn too. The clocks change this weekend and our luck may run out, but for now, keep clicking and capture that glorious leaf colour before it drops to the ground.

In this newsletter, we bring you news of how our September charity event went and tell you about what’s coming in 2017….

So, grab a cuppa, sit back and read on…..




Raising money for a good cause – Line and Light’s Stage One course 

Congratulations Line and Light photographers, you did it!!

We hoped to raise £1000 on September 24th with our Stage 1 course running to support The University of Nottingham’s 2016 charity – for Breast Cancer Research, a cause vey close to Martine and her family. 

Twelve photographers attended the day and learned the basics of camera operation, exposure control and composition (the structure of Line and Light’s usual beginners’ days), but this one had the added bonus of home made cake and guitar requests from James (who plays with the award winning teenage band ‘Malfunction’) to help swell the coffers! Attendees had travelled from as far afield as Sheffield and Peterborough, and reasons for learning to use their cameras varied from a couple who were expecting a baby and wanted to be able to take great family photos, two ladies whose husbands were keen photographers and wanted to join in the fun, to a GCSE student, who wanted to add a new skill and dimension to her art course work.

During the day, Maggie Barker from Peterborough posted on social media “Enjoying a fantastic day, good company, brilliant learning and CAKE!”. QMC nurse Katy Heningham said afterwards “A huge thank you and well done to Martine, Paul and James. I thoroughly enjoyed every part of the day and learned a scary amount! Clearly I have not known anything about my camera for the entire time I’ve owned it, I wish I’d done this course years ago”.

A silent auction for a Stage Two course place finished the event and with final pledges in from family and friends, Line and Light are delighted to have well and truly smashed their target for the charity, raising a grand total of £1180.00 !! 



2017 COURSES – alert!!

We have now loaded the majority of 2017 course dates on to the website, so you can see what you’d like to attend from January onwards. Prices have been frozen for the third year in a row, we try to offer maximum value for our photographers, and when we look at other providers in this sector, reckon we’re about the keenest. Partly this is because of our size, we are able to run below the VAT threshold and this means we can immediately lose 20% of what most others would pass on to you, despite having to incur those charges from many venues ourselves.

So, enjoy developing your photography skills and come back for more in 2017 – Christmas is round the corner, drop heavy hints to your loved ones, or why not buy a gift voucher for friends and family and then they can enjoy photo fun with you too?!

Spotlight on 

Stage 1 – Saturday 3rd Dec 2016
Stage 2 – Saturday 17th Dec 2016

This is the last time we’ll be running Adobe Elements in spring and autumn, in 2017 it will run as a single series in the early summer.

If you’ve enjoyed your photography this year with us learning to use your camera and now would like to do more with your pictures, we’d encourage you to invest in Adobe Elements. If you don’t already have it, do take advantage of the Black Friday offers which will be running around Thanksgiving time in November, when folk such as Amazon will doubtless be selling this fabulous software at a knockdown price. Last year we saw Elements 14 at £35, which is a an absolute bargain.

If you are able to purchase and install it prior to our first day on Saturday 3rd December, you’ll be taken from import of your images, through set up and use of the Organiser, which is your new ‘image management library’. You’ll be able to store and catalogue your growing bank of images without needless duplication. It can recognise family members, tag your images by their location, allow you to catalogue them by theme, and allow you to trace them with utter ease in the future.

Later in this first day with the well known trainer Bob Rowe at the helm, you’ll discover how to resize your files, change the colour, begin retouching and all manner of other useful skills.

Day two delves deeper, looking at layers and masks, the key to full creativity. Output for print and web is covered and gets you to a point of professional quality post production. Booking both days at the same time gets you a £10 discount too.

Visit Line and Light to find out more about this and all other courses available, and book your place today.


Course content – in brief
  • Classroom based course with Bob Rowe, bring your laptop with Elements installed, or borrow one of ours. 
  • Importing images, how to load your pictures, start cataloguing them for easy future retrieval, without duplicating anything and wasting valuable hard drive space.
  • Learn to resize and crop.
  • The wonder of layers and masks – when and how.
  • Print output for best result, don’t waste ink.
  • Refreshments provided throughout the day.

July 2016 Newsletter

July 2016 Newsletter

Hello Photographer!

Well, the weather has been so utterly dreadful that Martine has been struggling to get out to her architectural work. As a result, there’s time to write a July newsletter!

This month we’re talking about a rather extraordinary art event that Martine & Paul took part in, and also to remind you of the good cause we’re trying to help this September.

So, grab a cuppa, sit back and read on…..

Sea of Hull – Major Artwork for Hull City of Culture 2017

For a second month you could say that we’re ‘getting personal’ for our newsletter, but we wanted to share news of a rather extraordinary photoshoot, which took place last weekend in Hull.

We are photographers, and as such would all claim to have an interest in creative images, particularly memorable ones. A contemporary photographer whose work gets people talking, is an American called Spencer Tunick, whose set pieces usually involve large numbers of volunteers, and take place in stunning locations across the globe.

The thing that sets these images apart is the fact that all of the participants are naked. Totally naked. Titivating? Sensationalist? Disgusting? No, on the contrary, they’re not considered to be any of that. They are really rather beautiful. Calm. Graceful. Fascinating.


As part of Hull’s ‘City of Culture 2017’ status, the Ferrars Art Gallery commissioned Spencer Tunick to come and create a show for them, and earlier this year, the national press launched a call for volunteers to take part.

The participants knew nothing about the new works, except that they had to be in Hull city centre at 3am on the 9th July and that they were going to be painted blue. Martine & Paul thought that taking part in one of these artworks would be an interesting experience and were part of the 3,200 strong group of people aged between 18-80+ who volunteered. They found their fellow models from all locations (German, Dutch, American, French, Irish, Scottish, Welsh accents heard), and with all shapes and sizes; able bodies, wheelchair bound, pregnant, post-mastectomy, tall, short, thin, fat, and very very blue!



The reality of the experience? Everyone was cold, that’s for sure, it was a 3am start and the shooting commenced at dawn. Lying down on tarmac with no clothing was uncomfortable too, but you’d expect that. The discomfort was outweighed by the sense of being part of something extraordinary, everyone chatted to each other, everyone was utterly equal, and after the first two minutes of “OMG we’re naked”, the mass became the norm, a collective body of humanity. Hull had organised it to the smallest detail, the streets were cordoned off, there were no bystanders or people ogling. Personal possessions were secure whilst the shoot took place, and it was all over by 8am and off for a hot breakfast.

The real results will be on show at the Ferrars Gallery next year, but press pics have already been in the Sunday Press, BBC news and on Line and Light’s Facebook page! All jokes on the line of Papa and Mama Smurf have already been aired by the way….. 🙂

All pics here are Copyright of the respective photographers.


Raising money for charity this autumn…..

Saturday 24th September 2016  

You will have read about our efforts to raise money for The University of Nottingham’s chosen charity for its LifeCycle 6 Breast Cancer campaign already, but we aren’t apologising for reminding you again in the hope that you may know of someone who would enjoy learning with us AND supporting a great cause.

If you never attended one of our Digital Stage One courses, then you won’t know that we spend the first part of the day talking about the different camera platforms, card sizes, write speeds, how cameras work and other really vital stuff which no one tells you, and yet you’re expected to walk into a camera shop and spend hundreds of pounds wisely.

We delve into the foundation of the golden triangle of exposure – ISO, and make sure everyone understands how the sensor responds in different lighting conditions and what impact this has on image quality.

We demonstrate exposure, histograms, exposure value compensation and explore lens focal length, looking at the impact that focal length changes have on perspective and the ‘look’ of an image. This leads us into story telling, through composition and content, with practical exercises to make sure that learners go home with a comfortable, solid foundation to image making.

On Saturday 24th September, learners will be getting all of this AND know that 100% of the money taken for that course is going to support Breast Cancer research.

PLEASE PLEASE tell your friends, buy a gift voucher for a loved one for that day, or even just pledge a little towards the event which we can add to the total. Thank you so much.

Visit Line and Light to find out more about this and all other courses available, and book your place today.


Course content – in brief
  • Classroom based course introducing photography, tips for buying gear and how cameras work 
  • ISO control, histograms, exposure compensation, focal length and compositions skills
  • Two small groups working with tutors for afternoon shooting exercises
  • Raffle for a Stage 2 course place
  • Refreshments included throughout the day
  • Great fun assured for everyone whilst learning and raising money!

June 2016 Newsletter

Summer 2016 Newsletter

Hello Photographer!

Line and Light have had a busy spring with courses running to capacity in most subject areas. We’ve been extremely lucky with weather on all of the days where we’ve needed it dry, and often the sun has made an appearance, something we’ve seemed very short of in recent weeks.

In this newsletter we’re talking about a way we are trying to help a good cause this September, and also heralding the return of an old favourite for photographers at the end of the year.

So, grab a cuppa, sit back and read on…..

The day we plan to make a difference…

We don’t usually ‘get personal’ in newsletters, but this month we are, with good reason….

Those of you who’ve been Line and Light Photographers for a while may recall that Martine had a difficult year in 2014, with many trips up and down the M5 to the far end of Cornwall, where her mother Kate was in the last stages of cancer. One weekend in November, Paul and Dan had to deliver a Level 4 Photo day together whilst Martine dealt with with the inevitable, and thus Breast Cancer claimed one more statistic for its own.

You know that we run many of our training days on the beautiful University of Nottingham campuses, but you may not be aware that the Vice Chancellor and his team have been supporting charitable causes for the last six years as part of their ‘Life Cycle’ campaign. Martine has given a donation each year since it began. However, when it was announced that 2016’s fund was specifically for Brest Cancer research, she decided it was time to step up to the plate and get a bit more proactive.

As a result, Line and Light are running an extra Digital Stage 1 date on Saturday 24th September (which coincidentally would have been Kate’s 72nd birthday). Whilst we appreciate that a Stage 1 course will be of no interest to your good selves (either you knew how to use your camera already when we first met you, or we’ve been the people that taught you!), we know that there are bound to be family members, work colleagues, or social friends who perhaps don’t, and as such we’d really appreciate your help in publicising this special event.

We are pledging 100% of the money from that day to go to the campaign. The university are kindly allowing us our usual room in Derby Hall for free, and Martine and Paul are going to be at the helm, whilst James hopes to bake cakes to sell at coffee time in memory of his grandma.

So, it’s personal, and we want to make it count. We know that sadly cancer touches the vast majority of families these days in one way or another, and Martine feels that in running a course to raise money in this way, new photographers will be getting something back in return; they’re not simply being asked to dip their hands in their pockets.

So please, please, please, if you know someone who would enjoy our Line and Light beginners day, please urge them to book for Saturday 24th September and make their £79 count! Crikey, we’ll even lend them a camera for the day if they don’t already own one 🙂

Drop onto our website for more information about Line and Light or email us on if you’d like to know more about Life Cycle 6 and the special event on September 24th 2016



Back by popular demand…..

Friday 16th December 2016  

We used to have an annual day at Lord Byron’s Newstead Abbey in Nottinghamshire in the summer time when Line and Light first began. This was very popular, but we soon learnt that the team there were planning to run a Christmas spectacular, when the house would be dressed for the festive season, and promptly moved our timing of the course to coincide with the event.

Over time, staff moved on, times changed and so did the cost of us running the day, so three years ago we hung our hats up and called time. Well, owing to repeated requests since, we’ve re-instated it for this winter…..


This day is based indoors (which you’ll be happy to know given the time of year), but whatever the weather is throwing at us, you’ll be assured of a warm welcome as we tour the grand rooms of this house, the monastic abbey remains with the cloisters, chapel, and of course Byron’s attic bedroom, where ghosts are said to linger.

Not all of the rooms are dressed, there are still areas of the house where you can take ‘timeless’, and therefore ‘season-less’ shots with the period furniture in, so that they don’t all have decorative touches to them.

As with our days at Holme Pierrepont and Papplewick, you’re able to work on tripods, you may use flash in some areas and we shall be taking our big lights with us too.

The only thing that’s missing currently is the thought of you being there, so get in touch today and finish the year with the best set of pictures ever!

See you then 🙂 Visit Line and Light to find out more about this and all other courses available, and book your place today.

























Course content – in brief
  • Classroom briefing with coffee and mince pies, which includes inspiration and technical know-how.
  • Two small groups working throughout the house, ensuring you get round it all and get the shots you want.
  • Learnt the art of controlling long exposures, colour balancing for indoor shots and how to create beautiful compositions.