Frequently asked questions about Line+Light photography courses

(if you do not see the answer here, just fill in our enquiry form and email us – we’re happy to answer any queries you may have about LINE+LIGHT courses)

What photographic equipment should I bring on Line+Light days?

Thank you for booking on a LINE+LIGHT course. We think you’ll have a great time whilst learning new skills with your camera or Adobe software. Depending on the type of day you’ve chosen, we suggest bringing the following equipment to best enhance your time with us…

Classroom Courses

  • A note book and pen. We may sometimes give out course notes to keep, but there’s lots to learn, so your own note taking is really helpful as an aide-memoir after the day has finished.
  • A laptop with the relevant software installed. We teach with the latest releases of Adobe Software, and whilst most previous releases will have principle elements in common with newer versions, it is important to note that there may be new features Adobe has introduced which we will be keen to share with you. We will have extension leads running to each table, so bring a mains power adaptor in case your batteries don’t last all day!
  • If you do not have the software installed on your laptop, or don’t own one, its not the end of the world. People can still get plenty of vital information by following on our big projection screen as we demonstrate different skills and workflow.
  • We should point out that we demonstrate the Adobe software on PC. Owners of MACs are welcome to join our courses, but please be aware that there are sometimes different keystrokes and familiarity with your own interface is important.
  • Lunch. Both of our classroom venues have take-away options nearby, but there are kitchen facilities and crockery should you wish to warm anything, and of course we shall be providing tea/coffee and biscuits throughout the day.

How to – and fabulous photo days

  • Your camera (obvious, but someone actually came to a course without theirs once)!
  • A tripod if you have one. However, we carry a selection to our days and will gladly lend you one to try. We use Manfrotto’s 190 series which are robust and with a variety of different head types. Don’t shop before you come to one of our days as this is a perfect opportunity for some hands-on testing.
  • Spare battery (yes, we’ve had folk who’ve run out of juice by 2pm, there’s nothing more frustrating than having something great to photograph and a dead camera!)
  • Extra memory cards- always useful in case you shoot lots….and lots…and lots.
  • Wet weather gear. We hope for good forecasts (see further down this page for our take on weather issues) of course, but we can’t rule out the possibility of the odd cloud burst every now and again. A small pack-a-mac is incredibly useful if we get caught out.
  • Sensible footwear. We’re out for the day and often are visiting ancient properties with uneven and possibly slippery floors, there may be tree roots, or long grass. City itineraries involve lots of pavement walking, so be comfortable.
  • A small notebook and pen. You never know who you may want to swap phone numbers with, to jot down interesting pointers, and most worthwhile of all, to record incidental models’ names and addresses if you end up including people in your shots.

Where are your courses held?

Our classroom courses are held at either of two venues just outside Nottingham city centre with adjacent parking. For How to and Fabulous Photo-Days courses, these vary from central Nottingham, the University of Nottingham’s main campus, Derbyshire and Warwickshire dependant on itinerary- please see individual course pages for more details.

What about the weather?

We live in the UK, and as such, weather is constantly changing. For several of our itineraries, extended periods of the day will be outdoors, and if it seems that the entire day is likely to be jeopardised by foul driving rain/wind, then we’ll be in touch around 48 hours beforehand to discuss the options.

If it’s likely that we are in for a wash-out, we’ll try and find another day within the next month that everyone can attend again, as after all, you’re coming out to have a good time as well as learn. No-one wants to have a dreadful day, least of all us because you won’t remember us fondly!

In the past, we’ve found a good solution for everyone; if they cannot make the alternative date, they simply have pushed their booking forward to the next available advertised date that the course has run again. We will talk about it and make sure you’re happy.

If we have a forecast indicating the odd shower here and there, we’ll carry on with our day. Pavements and foliage can look fabulous after rain, and hazy light is often replaced by crisper, clearer skies- perfect!

How do I book?

We’re really pleased that you’d like to spend a day with us. Booking is easy- just fill in the ‘Contact us/Book now page on the site, and we’ll respond by return to guide you through your choice of course and answer the more detailed queries you may have. Alternatively, just pick up the phone between 9-6pm Monday-Saturday and give us a call on 0115 9606934. If we’re out teaching there will be the friendly answer phone in charge, but rest assured, we’ll return your call promptly. We take payment by cheque or BACS, or credit/debit card.

Do you do gift certificates?

Yes. LINE+LIGHT gift certificates are a perfect present for a loved one. These start from £20, they can be purchased any time of year, and are valid for 12 months from date of purchase for any of our courses. Upon completed payment we will email or post a tailor-made certificate for the recipient. Call us for further details of how to purchase one of these.

Do you run courses for children?

Usually, we have enquiries from adults for places on our training days. However, Martine, Paul & Dan are fully CRB cleared and have run several workshops for children and young adults. We are happy to host special days for families, and will run children’s courses from time to time through one of our partners, such as Lakeside Arts Centre in Nottingham. If you are applying for a place for an under 18 on our courses, we’ll ask a parent or guardian to sign our booking form, and in certain cases to accompany a minor on our days dependant on the programme content and venue. Unfortunately, we are unable to run creche facilities at any of our locations.

Tell me about access and mobility issues

As you would expect when looking through our website, many of the days are activity based, often in old historic properties without lifts and with raised thresholds, uneven floors and many stairs. These events may be difficult for those with mobility issues to enjoy to the full. Our venues at Wollaton,The University and Bramcote, where we hold our Digital Stages 1,2 and 3, Adobe Elements, Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom Workshops all have full wheelchair access, plus the the practical locations we visit on these particular days are level, with good paths and are wheelchair negotiable.

We ask that you let us know of mobility issues you may have when booking so that we can best advise you and make sure your day with us is a good one. We have testimonials from wheelchair users who have been on LINE+LIGHT days and are happy to share their experiences.

I’m a professional photographer. Can I come on your courses?

LINE+LIGHT group course days are strictly for bona-fide amateur photographers. However, we do offer in-depth Adobe Photoshop training for professional photographers, please see Robert’s One-to-One page for more details.

What type of camera do I need for your days out courses?

Its up to you what you shoot on, we’ll do our best to train you to use your camera to the maximum potential, but please be aware that some compact cameras offer limited menu functions and often have annoying shutter lag (i.e. you press the button and what seems like seconds later, it finally takes the picture, long after the bird has flown). However, cameras such as the Canon G15, are compact, but shoot RAW and have an enviable range of features at a brilliant quality for their size. You’d get much from a day out on one of our courses with a piece of kit such as this.

All said and done, the best time will be had by owners of DSLR’s and Mirrorless System with their interchangeable lenses and wonderful quality. These cameras are available via the web, or through high street retailers such as Jacobs, London Camera Exchange or the more specialist pro-sellers such as Calumet will be able to advise you on the right camera for your budget. If you’re booked on our courses and are thinking of upgrading, we can offer an opinion. See our blog for guides which we will publish from time to time with practical solutions and ideas.

One thing which we do stress, is that on your day we want to train you to take great photographs, unfortunately, we’re unlikely to be able to spend time showing you the menu system on the particular model of Canon or Nikon etc you’re carrying. Please have a play with your camera BEFORE you come on the course and be reasonably familiar with which button does what! We’ll tell you about apertures, speeds, composition, lighting etc. (according to course itinerary), and help you with the finer points of the advanced features on your model, but cannot spend hours giving individual attention to menu systems at the expense of the rest of the group. We’re sure you will understand and appreciate this! One-to-One days are ideal places for specific individual tuition with your gear.

Why are your prices so competitive?

Here at LINE+LIGHT we pride ourselves on consistent quality teaching, taking in stunning locations at an unbeatable price. How do we do it? Well, we work on the basis of putting the money we spend into the photo locations themselves, NOT fancy conference centres. We generally use church halls or University Halls for our classroom courses, hence we’re able to peg them lower- our days with practical tuition included start at £75. They’re always clean, and in convenient locations, but just not as swanky (and therefore costly) as conference centres. We think you’ll appreciate this. We don’t run courses seven days a week, 365 days a year either, which means our company stays below the VAT threshold- this knocks 20% (from January 2011) straight off our days too. If you think we’ve got this recipe wrong- let us know, but we do find that these measures keep us running at cracking value, without compromise to the teaching.