Talks, lectures and teaching in the community/higher education

Each member of Line + Light’s experienced team are available for engagements outside of the photo school’s usual activities.

Bob is a renowned camera club judge and works widely throughout the midlands overseeing both in-house competitions and larger inter-club battles. With his humorous yet respected approach, he is warmly regarded by all who have used his services. In addition, he runs training for Adobe Photoshop and Elements for teachers in secondary schools and further education institutions.

Paul takes his tuition into further, higher education and industry where video content is required. He has trained camera operators and video production units who are making the transition from traditional video into DSLR output and is able to tailor make workshop modules for clients.

Dan has worked with children and adults alike, his teaching style is relaxed, informal and never intimidating. Like other members of the Line + Light team, he’s CRB cleared and can be booked to run practical workshops or classroom based activities with groups or individuals.

Chris is a regular trainer for FUJI, running workshops and overseas travel workshops both for them and in his own name. He’s highly technical, but with a gentle and informed delivery.

Martine is the module leader for the MA Commercial Photography at Nottingham Trent University and CPD training for the RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects). She has also been a trainer on the popular Photo Training Overseas programme in the Canaries. 

As part of her ambassadorship for Manfrotto, she has been involved with the major camera retailer WEX, hosting their architectural walkabout, and has appeared as a speaker at The Photography Show at the NEC, where she greatly enjoyed the opportunity to meet photographers from across the UK who came to see her talks on architectural photography. Martine is a regular speaker at the regional camera clubs during the winter, and like the rest of the team, she looks forward to hearing how Line+Light can assist you in your programme of talks, lectures and tuition this coming year!

Thanks for last week, the photography session with the year 10’s was brilliant.  I think it really opened the students’ eyes & minds to the amazing opportunities that photography can hold. All were inspired and impressed with the day and they still proudly show off their images that they took.  I can’t wait introduce more experiences like this to other year groups. Thank you!

M Bidgood, Teacher
M Bidgood, TeacherNUSA (Nottingham University Samworth Academy)