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We think that one of the reasons people come to us for their photography is that they can see immediately that Line+Light are not a franchise, unlike some of the course providers in the UK. Knowing that the people you are talking to when you book are the same people who are teaching you is reassuring when you have queries about the level of pre-required knowledge, about the suitability of your camera, the venue that you are going to visit, and even just simply how to get there!

There is a consistency in the experience of people coming to us which they tell us they like; they know that they will be chatting to Martine when they book their course places, and they know that it doesn’t just stop when the day is over either; we have open dialogs with all of four trainers which mean you can follow through with queries about images and techniques after you get home and know they will be promptly responded to. We are there when you want to try or buy kit, we are a trusted source of photographic information from a team who are always happy to help you.

We know you like the fact that Line+Light days are simply that; one day of photography and not weeks of commitment on a set day or evening, that there’s no homework and no need to study for a formal qualification. There’s confidence that the knowledge gained is from truly experienced professionals with access to stunning venues which would be difficult to arrange individually.

Foremost though, we believe that our relationships with our photographers is vital, we have guests returning for multiple days and we have much fun together as they explore this fantastic subject. Come and be one of those people, we can’t wait to meet you!

Photography Courses

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